Marketing and Advertising Campaign

The following Marketing Campaign may be applied to your property listing

  • I will personally go over with you with a market analysis of your property, to properly set your home apart from the competition to be able to sell it at the highest price possible for you.
  • Our full-time associate will work with you to stage your home prior to being listed and will ensure an orderly and efficient transaction from beginning to closing.
  • State of the art electronics lockbox can be used to ease of showing your property and for your convenience.
  • One of our associates will perform an initial walkthrough through the eyes of a buyer and the inspector.
  • We will schedule your first open house the first or second weekend after the home is listed.
  • I will personally be on hand for all showings, and not an assistant that is not familiar with the property.
  • I will personally be on hand for all open houses.
  • A full-color brochure describing special features of your property to convey the high quality of your home.
  • Signage: 24 hours advertising of your property advertising your property to friends and neighbors.
  • We will take no shortcuts to provide to potential buyers with superior property presentations such as professional in graphic design, printing, over 50 professional pictures, and virtual tours of your home production will be shown in over 500 websites around the world.
  • Advertisement on the Multiple Listing Services to overs 40,000 Realtors® in the local area and over 100 partners organizations will link your property to over 100,000 real estate professionals throughout the world.
  • Advertised your home on, the Miami, The New York, Trulia, Zillow, and other leading websites.
  • Letters, emails, postcards mail-outs, and flyers will feature beautiful images of professional written descriptions and the use of the latest technology for mobile devices. We expect our marketing material to convey the high quality your home possesses.
  • Your listing will be able to be translated into over 30 different languages in over 500 websites around the world.
  • We will bring who’s who of brokers representing the qualified buyers to the table, our broker’s tours, and open houses feature catered fare.
  • We will advertise your home on our personal website.
  • I will personally go over with you with the purchase contract when the offer is placed.
  • When the property preparation is complete, we will be ready to present your home with the latest in technology and innovative materials.

When you have a transaction with us, you will get our undivided passion and dedication to serving your best interest.  No one will strive harder to put the effort into your endeavor.

That is my personal promise to you!!!



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