Sales Strategy

June 18, 2020

Property Preparation

Would your home show to its fullest potential if an Open House were held tomorrow?

If the answer is no, it is not considered “Show Ready” and could give the buyer an advantage in the negotiation process. We should avoid any potential points of negotiation from the initial list date. The buyer makes mental notes when viewing a home and their first impression not easy to overcome. The buyer will want to get the best home possible at the best price and the seller wants their home to the first one on the list of the best available in the area. We will work with you to stage your home properly prior to listing it. (See Page on Home Preparation)

Brokers Tours/Open HouseOur broker’s tours are well attended and promoted your property to those industry leaders who are active in the field, searching for their clients to have the greatest number of brokers.

When we have a  property listed, Brokers and Agents know about it.

We will bring the Who’s Who of agents representing the qualified buyer to the table. Our broker tours feature catered fare.
Our open house is a great marketing opportunity because the greater number of people who see your home can have a direct impact on the market and the sales price.

To have the greatest number of shows during the open hours, we promote the event in advance with an online and print advertisement.
When we hold an open house, we make the time count. We will schedule your first open house the first or second weekend after the home is listed and we will hold the event on Sunday to attract the greatest number of possible buyers and brokers and agents. Just like our broker’s tour, we also cater for our open house events.

Getting the Job Done

We strive to move our clients from paperwork (and now paperless) to negotiations to close with the least amount of stress as possible.
You can relax in knowing that when you hired Carlos Fernandez & Associates, you hired professionals who know the paperwork process inside and out. You will be fully prepared in advance so there are no surprises along the way. We will go over with you with the purchase contract when the offer is placed.

We know what it takes to negotiate on our client’s behalf and bring the parties together to a successful close. Our ultimate goal is to bring the clients we represent the best offer with the best possible terms.