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The decision has been made that a new home is needed. What now and where to begin? The journey to finding the right home for you will be an exciting and positive experience when implementing Carlos Fernandez & Associates methodical approach.

Like the travel books we often read prior to that dream vacation, research and education can set us on the right path to finding our dream home too.

As your real estate professional, I will represent your best interest at all time. When you have a transaction with us, you get our undivided passion and dedication to serving your best interest. no one will strive harder to put the effort into your endeavor. That is my personal promise to you.

Understanding your needs and wants – To begin with, we take the time to learn what you really want in a home. We look at your needs and desires and help you determine the price range within which you should shop. Then we show you properties that meet that criteria – including new listings the moment they come on the market.

As your real estate team, we lookout for your best interests. For example, we provide you with in-depth property details of each home you view, point out desirable features you may not notice, and identify potential concerns you may have overlooked.

Having a complete understanding of the market and its advantages versus its limitations – We will discuss the state of the housing market right now as you are in the midst of your home search. Carlos Fernandez & Associates are experts in market analysis and this knowledge is crucial to find the right property at the most competitive price.

Next, we will look at locations that suit your parameters – This step often works hand in hand with market conditions since some areas will vary greatly in price depending on the market. Our team members are well acquainted with the areas that interest you. Our years of practical experience combined with the use of the latest technology provide the most comprehensive neighborhood statistics available. Analytics help you and your agent decide which areas are best suited to meet your parameters.

We will provide you with information on all properties that meet your criteria to find the house of your dreams.

Our associates will remain focused – While we do recommend keeping an open mind to places and options you might not have considered before, we will remain focused on you and your goals in finding the right home. When you find a home you want, we’ll prepare and present the offer, and negotiate skillfully on your behalf, so you get that property at the lowest price possible.

We will not waste your time showing you properties that will not work for you. We want you to be satisfied in the long run with his very important life-changing purchase.

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