June 13, 2020

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Written by Mady Dahlstrom


Keeping your kitchen clean is hard enough, but having to keep it organized can be even more difficult. From under the counter cupboards to pull out drawers and magnetic holders, extra storage spaces can solve all of your kitchen organizing problems.

Take a look at these 7 kitchen organization hacks and ideas for your storage needs.

1. Pull out cutting board over trash

Tired of cutting up vegetables and raw meat on your kitchen counter? This custom designed cutting board is the perfect way to prepare your meals in a quick and mess-free way. Just scrape the scraps into the trash as you go!


Photo courtesy of The Farm Chicks

2. Roll out cabinet rack

Keep all of your spices, oils, and seasonings all in one space. A roll-out cabinet rack keeps your kitchen looking less cluttered while making it easy to pull out any paprika or pepper!


3. Hang your pots and pans from the ceiling

Running out of space in your kitchen? Hang your pots and pans from a ceiling rack to leave room for other dishes and items.


Project completed by Neil Kelly 

4. Magnetic knife holder

Keep all of your knives in a row with a magnetic knife holder mounted on your kitchen wall.


Project completed by Architect Mason Kirby Inc

5. Corner drawers and hidden storage

Make the most out of the corners and crevices of your kitchen by designing drawers and spaces for extra storage and clean organization.


Project completed by Flavin Architects

6. Fresh vegetable storage bins

Are you an avid cooker who likes to have ingredients at an arm’s length? These vegetable pull out bins keep your food organized while letting you grab an onion from right under the counter.


Project completed by Normandy Design Build Remodeling

7. Under the counter mixer storage

Finding a place to store your KitchenAid mixer and other larger appliances can be tough. This under the counter system acts as a stand and storage.


Project completed by Walker Woodworking