June 13, 2020

6 Household Tricks Everyone Should Know


Buying your own house can be a dream come true for many, it gives you the satisfaction of sleeping under your own roof. But one thing many people do not take into consideration is that their job as a homeowner does not end with buying the house. Whether the house is a property investment, or you wish to grow old in it, timely maintenance and care can save you heaps of money and trouble down the road. So whether you’re in the competition to be the best handyman in the neighborhood, or just want to keep your home well maintained, here are a few household tricks everyone should know.

Unclogging The Drains

Whether it is an old house or a brand new one, drains will get clogged occasionally. The drain of the kitchen sink often gets clogged due to food particles and grease, whereas the shower drain and toilet gets clogged due to hair and other factors. With some basic plumbing tools such as a plunger, drain snake, and a wrench can help you unclog the drains right away and save your plumbing system from a lot of damage.

Avoid pouring down grease into the kitchen drain, rather pour it into a can and dispose of it. Use tissues and toilet paper that is easily degradable, and avoid flushing down plastics and other non-degradable products down the toilet. This will not only reduce the harmful impact on your entire plumbing system but also significantly reduce the plumbing costs that may arise in the future.

Hanging Picture Frames And Mirrors

Hanging picture frames may not be a mammoth task since most of the frames would be small and lightweight, but the same can’t be said about mirrors. Since mirrors are usually much larger in size and quite heavier, you can just hammer a nail into the wall and hang them up. The main task for a homeowner is to make sure that the wall doesn’t end up with several holes, and even if there are holes drilled in the wall, they are hidden behind the mirror.

The best way to hang a heavy mirror is to use anchor screws and secure them in the stud, instead of the wallboard. This will ensure that the weight of the mirror does not damage the wallboard. You can buy an electronic stud finder from any home improvement store to make your work easier. Using steel anchors for extra strength or using a picture hanging kit from the hardware store will make your work much easier.