Staging Your Home to Get the Most Out of Each Showing

Staging is the art of merchandising your home to appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers as possible.  It is unlike interior design which often times targets and appeals to a specific audience or taste.

  1. Benefits of staging your home – Hiring a professional to stage your home releases you from the emotional attachment and altered judgment associated with personal belongings and experiences within the space.  A staging third party will be able to analyze your surroundings with an experienced and objective eye and adjust the surroundings accordingly to best feature your home to prospective buyers.  The analytics speak for themselves.  Research has shown that homes who utilized professional staging services were more likely to sell at a higher price.
  2. Cost versus Benefit – According to Mortgage News Daily, the benefits of home staging might be too readily dismissed or overlooked.  While we have previously mentioned the recommended steps for the seller to take to prepare their property for marketing, enlisting a professional can boost your home’s appeal above and beyond the competition.  This can often mean a higher sales price in a shorter amount of time.  According to Mortgage News Daily, home staging pricing for a simple consultation can run from $200.00 to $400.00 and up depending greatly on the scope of the work.  On the upside, regardless of the money output for staging,, a leader in home staging services statistics showed an average of a 3% minimum increase in final sales price from homes that had been professionally staged versus those that had not.
  3. If hiring a staging company is not for you, Carlos Fernandez & Associates will help you stage your home to present it at it best, using methods to expose your home to the largest segment of qualified buyers, Carlos marketing approach is designed to CLOSE your home at the Highest Price in the Shortest Time with the least inconvenience to you!
  4. Here is an easy to follow a checklist to get you moving in the right direction in your home preparation.