Color coding for buyers and sellers?

According to a Zillow Digs analysis of 50,000 photos of recently sold homes, those with creamy yellow or wheat-colored kitchens, light green or khaki bedrooms, dove or light gray living rooms, and mauve or lavender dining rooms sold for $1,100 to $1,300 more than those decorated with less popular colors. This means real estate professionals …Read More..

Five fixes that can raise a home’s value

For homeowners looking to spruce up their home before listing it, there’s plenty they can do to attract more buyers and potentially boost the value of their home too. Veteran real estate professionals recently weighed in at This Old House on some of the best home improvement projects they believe can help a home show …Read More..

Kitchen Color Ideas: Super Easy Do’s and Don’ts

By Diana Hathaway Color expert   Your kitchen may be the one room in your home that is the most neutral most effective weight loss supplement. White or wood cabinets and simple countertops make a kitchen look clean and uncluttered. An elegant and simple kitchen can also need a pop of color. Whether you are …Read More..

Frequent Staging Questions

By Kristen DiNobile   Home Staging Expert As an agent and stager (as well as a decorator and organizer), I get asked lots of questions about staging, real estate, buying, selling, and even moving. Here are some of the questions related to staging and, if you think about it, sometimes organizing as well since staging does involve …Read More..

What Buyers Notice Most When Viewing a Home

Do you remember the last time you viewed a home for sale? What do you recall about that property? You likely remember the features and characteristics that stood out, such as the gorgeous hardwood floors, the spacious kitchen with the long island, or… the faucet that was dripping in the main floor washroom! Obviously, you …Read More..

Inspection Problems That Can’t Be Ignored

DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS | WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2016 No home is perfect, and a home inspection is bound to uncover something, even if relatively minor. Following an inspection, your clients are going to look to you to put things in perspective. Buyers must decide what they can live with, and sellers need to figure …Read More..


While it’s true that “anything goes” when it comes to your decorating style, there are some rules-of-thumb to follow to help your home look its best.  This no-no on this list of decorating don’ts are likely to top any designer’s list of pet peeves when it comes to home accessories. Too Small Rug When it comes …Read More..

Why Use a Realtor®

By Team. Buying a home is the biggest investment most people will ever make, but not all real estate agents are equal. Find out how the experience and training of a Realtor® can help you get into your dream home. 1. What Exactly Is a Realtor? Not every salesperson with a license to sell real estate is a Realtor. Here are the …Read More..

9 Red Flags to Watch for When Picking a Real Estate Agent

By Teresa Mears. Pass on agents who are family members and those who have never bought or sold in your neighborhood. Make sure the agent you pick specializes in the kind of property – single-family home, condo, investment property – you want to purchase. The proliferation of online real estate information makes it easier than ever to be …Read More..

4 Home ‘improvement’ projects that can hurt your property value

Krystal Steinmetz Feb 3rd 2016 6:20 PM   Are you considering converting your home’s garage into a man cave?  Before you permanently ditch parking and storage space in exchange for a testosterone-friendly getaway, you may want to consider this: your garage man cave project could hurt your home’s value and make it harder to sell. Turning your …Read More..